Here at JC Prestige Taxis we only offer the very best in comfort and luxury. Our fleet of BMW 7 series brings performance and precision to make sure that our customers not only arrive ahead of time but also experience the ultimate luxury will they get to their destination.

The BMW 7 Series has taken the fight to its German rivals with its most technologically advanced saloon car ever. It's one of the most sophisticated luxury models currently on sale and it is clear that a lot of time and dedication has gone into its development. BMW designers are particularly proud of the fact that you won't find a single piece of black plastic in the cabin. Every surface is trimmed in leather, Alcantara or varnished wood. With such a huge array of interior tech and acres of space, being driven by our specially trained drivers is the best way to make the most of BMW’s flagship. The 3.0-litre diesel and eight-speed automatic gearbox work seamlessly together, allowing for smooth and relaxing progress. The 7 Series is also deceptively quick as it’s so quiet, so you pick up speed very quickly without realising you’re doing so.

As air suspension comes as standard, the ride on the 7 Series is exceptional. There’s even a special ‘adaptive’ mode for the suspension, which uses the car’s navigation to set the car up for the road and terrain that’s coming up ahead. The 730d is the hugely capable and will get from 0-62mph in 6.1 seconds and hit 155mph. For such a large car, the 7 Series is impressively economical. The 730d will return a claimed of 60.1mpg and CO2 emissions of 124g/km. To put that into context, that’s more efficient than a 1.4-litre petrol-powered Vauxhall Astra.

The party piece of the 7 Series is the interior and on-board tech. The design of the cabin is perfectly put together and only the most high-end materials have been used. The seats are trimmed in plush Nappa leather, while wood, brushed aluminum and Alcantara have been used everywhere else. It’s the back seat where you really want to experience the 730d and the level of comfort the car lays on really is something else. You couldn’t really want for any more in terms of space and specification while it has also managed to replicate the air of quality common to some of the world’s greatest (and most expensive) saloon cars. The 730d is 26mm longer than the previous model, so there’s no shortage of space inside so a six-foot adult will have more than enough room, so that the passenger behind can recline and put their feet up.